Are Concrete Countertops Porous?

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Yes, generally concrete countertops are porous. Because of this they can be susceptible to food or liquid stains. That’s why you should check with the manufacturer to see how they seal their countertops and how you’re expected to clean them. At CustomCreteWerks we use a proprietary process to seal our concrete, making them resistant to […]

Kitchen Counters Article

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Check Out This Article On Houzz and Let Us Know What You Think about Concrete Counters! –> Click –>“ Houzz Article “ Kitchen Counters: Concrete, The Nearly Indestructible Option As you can see in the image here, CustomCreteWerks Inc. can provide the best quality of Concrete Counters around. We offer a distinct look and can make a […]

Social Media Now Available

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Check us out on Social Media. We are always posting new projects and installation projects on these sites and we would like to hear your thoughts.    Here at CustomCreteWerks Inc. we are always looking to interact with our customers so that they can get a full view of what we do here and how […]

Acid Stained Concrete Kitchen Island

Acid Stained Countertops

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With all of the style choices that concrete has to offer from sinks to edges, acid stained concrete countertops can make your design stand out. The staining enhances the look of the surface whether it’s in your home, backyard patio or commercial property. The color splash can add a rustic feel or modern tone.

Orange Ramp Sink

Ramp Sinks by CustomCreteWerks Inc.

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Ramp Sinks? Undemanding. Zen-like. Tranquil. These terms may bring to mind natural features like rolling brooks or majestic waterfalls. Wouldn’t you like guests to use these terms to describe the atmosphere of your home? Ramp sinks bring a new dimension of ease to vanity and countertop design. With sleek lines and effortless water flow options, […]

Why Choose Concrete?

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Selecting the countertop material to use can be a difficult choice. We want to simplify that decision for you. There are some fantastic benefits to choosing concrete for your countertops, sinks and tables and we’ve compiled those fantastic benefits into an infographic for you.

Chiseled Edge Countertops

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Why Chiseled Edge Countertops? To use a chisel, one must have superior strength, sharp tools and the right material. Creating a masterpiece can take months or years. It took Michelangelo over two years to complete David. Unlike marble, wood and stone, you can achieve a chiseled edge with concrete cast in a mold that won’t […]