Choosing the Best Kitchen Sink for You.

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Choosing a new Kitchen Sink?

Your kitchen sink is a workhorse. But, just because it’s the hardest working fixture in your kitchen, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice beauty and durability. To help find the right kitchen sink for you, we have assembled a list of pro’s and con’s list for the most common kitchen sink options. Choosing the right kitchen sink for your home will make you feel much more satisfied.

Stainless Steel Sinks


Concrete Countertop & Farmer's SinkAffordability
Stainless steel sinks are a cost effective sink option. Prices may vary depending on the configuration and size of the sink, but stainless remains a less expensive option.
Stainless steel holds strong against exposure from heat and cold. It also is difficult to chip and should not tarnish or rust.
Stainless steel fits in any kitchen decor and can be customized in size and in finish.


Water Stains
Despite their name, stainless steel sinks are susceptible to water stains. To prevent water stains, stainless steel sinks must be dried after every use.
Scratches and Dents
With continued use, stainless steel sinks will show wear and tear and display scratches and dents from everyday use.
Food and grease will stick out on the shiny steel more than other surfaces. Additionally, exposure to cleaning solutions for an extended period of time will make them vulnerable to rust.
Stainless steel sinks are unquestionably noisy. Thicker undercoatings can be purchased to reduce the noise level.

Composite Sinks


Composite sinks are a combination of crushed stone and granite or quartz. This mixture gives composite sinks the appearance of the high-end materials without the cost.
Like stainless steel, composite sinks are heat-resistant. Additionally they’re harder to chip and scratch.


Rough Surface
The rough surface of composite sinks can make them more difficult to clean.
Limited Design
Composite sinks don’t tend to have a lot of customization options. Certainly, fewer options than stainless steel. By their very nature, they will look like stone. Sometimes they simply won’t look good in your kitchen.
Cheaper models of composite sinks can give you trouble with chipping and cracking. Buying a more durable model is especially important in a kitchen where it will be used frequently.

Cast Iron


Unique Appearance
There’s no copying or mimicking cast iron sinks. They are give your kitchen a unique, rustic look. They’re also available in a variety of colors and styles.
Easy Cleaning
The glossy surface of cast iron is resistant to water spots and the non-porous surface makes it easy to clean.


The weight of cast iron sinks is a double-edged sword. They’re incredible durable and can retain heat. But they’re difficult to undermount. It will require solid fixturing to hold over time.
Cast iron can chip and wear down over time. Chips through the sealant can lead to rust on the underlying iron.



Close-Up-of-Concrete-Sink - Choosing the right Kitchen SInk?Customization
Concrete sinks offer unlimited customization options, allowing you to include design options such as inlays, drain boards and unique bowl shapes and sizes.unique look and feel.
Concrete sinks and countertops are cast in one piece, providing a seamless appearance with no edges for grime to accumulate.
Innovative styles means each concrete sink is distinctively unique. We can craft a custom concrete sink to your design vision.
Not all concrete sinks are durable, but CustomCreteWerk’s are. All our sinks are N-HansedTM to be heat-resistant, stain-proof and easy to clean. Plus, you don’t need to reseal it every few years.


Concrete is heavy, requiring substantial cabinet support.
Customization, style and durability comes at a cost. Concrete sinks come at a higher price point.

Choosing the right kitchen sink can be difficult. Still not sure which kitchen sink is right for you? Let the design professionals at CustomCreteWerks work with you to find the perfect fit for your kitchen. Contact us for a free consultation on kitchen sinks.

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