Eco-Friendly Countertops

As a well-informed consumer, it is important that your thoughtful design choices reflect your style and care throughout your home. CustomCreteWerks countertops can fit any living space from the kitchen to bath with many design options. Besides being a beautiful addition, you can enjoy concrete countertops that are strong and sustainable.

We use our proprietary process N-viroCrete™ to make our countertops more eco-friendly than traditional concrete with:

  • 72.5% less aggregate
  • 45% less cement
  • 20% more recycled content
  • 52.3% less water consumption
  • 60% lighter

The result is concrete that is durable, elegant and environmentally conscious.

Shipping Our Countertops

CustomCreteWerks works together with clients to achieve their desired design and organize logistics. When it comes time to ship, each piece is crated and shipped by freight to ensure it arrives at its destination in perfect condition, ready to be installed. Plus, our concrete is lighter than traditional concrete, greatly reducing shipping costs.

For more information or to request an estimate on a concrete project, call us at 262-632-1300 or email us at

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