N-viroCreteTM Eco-Friendly Concrete

Sink with N-viroCrete Eco Friendly Concrete

More Americans are looking to make eco-friendly improvements to their homes and businesses, and we at CustomCreteWerks support these green initiatives. We are dedicated to sustainable development and green manufacturing that creates environmentally conscious products. That’s why we are proud to offer N-viroCrete™ Eco-Friendly Concrete.

Manufactured in Racine, Wisc., N-viroCrete™ Eco-Friendly Concrete is perfect for use in concrete counters, concrete sinks, concrete bar tops, concrete furniture and much more.

When compared to our previous 1.5-inch concrete countertops, the eco-friendly advantages are clear:

  • 72.5% less aggregate
  • 45% less cement
  • 20% more recycled content
  • 52.3% less water consumption
  • 60.7% lighter

N-viroCrete™ green countertops allow for the creation of longer pieces without seams that can span longer distances without the need of additional support. Production and curing time is shorter, so you get your concrete counters or concrete sink faster. The resulting product is strong yet elegant, and because it is extremely flexible, it greatly reduces the possibility of fractures or cracking.

If you have more questions about N-viroCrete™ concrete countertops, please call us at us at 262-632-1300 or email us at info@customcretewerks.com.