Custom Fireplace Made with ConcreteA fireplace is an important element in your home. It draws people into your home, adding a sense of comfort through its warmth. As a room’s focal point, a fireplace makes a statement about you and your personality, creating its own look and feel.

Masterfully crafted concrete fireplaces offer unique customization, so your fireplace beautifully reflects your desired look and feel. Whether your house is contemporary, traditional or a transitional blend of anything in between, your concrete fireplace can be molded to mirror your home’s style and personality. Additionally, our N-viroCrete™ process ensures that our concrete fireplaces are eco friendly, durable and sustainable.

Each concrete fireplace is custom created by the professionals at CustomCreteWerks, Inc. Whether you have a desired plan for your fireplace or you need some design tips, we can create a stunning, one-of-a-kind concrete fireplace for your home.

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Custom Concrete Fireplace from CustomCreteWerksWhite-Concrete-Fireplace-SurroundFireplace in the Completed Living RoomConcrete Fireplace with Brick from CCWSimple-Concrete-Fireplace-from CustomCreteWerksBlackstone-Fireplace-SurroundGlacier-Colored-Fireplace-SurroundSimple Light Concrete FireplaceTall Concrete Fireplace CustomCreteWerksConcrete Fireplace Surround


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