Acid Stained Concrete Kitchen Island

Acid Stained Countertops

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With all of the style choices that concrete has to offer from sinks to edges, acid stained concrete countertops can make your design stand out. The staining enhances the look of the surface whether it’s in your home, backyard patio or commercial property. The color splash can add a rustic feel or modern tone.

Chiseled Edge Countertops

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Why Chiseled Edge Countertops? To use a chisel, one must have superior strength, sharp tools and the right material. Creating a masterpiece can take months or years. It took Michelangelo over two years to complete David. Unlike marble, wood and stone, you can achieve a chiseled edge with concrete cast in a mold that won’t […]


Maintenance for Countertops: Cleaning and Caring

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Maintenance for Countertops Proper care and cleaning of CustomCreteWerks concrete countertops will help extend their long lifespan and keep them looking wonderful for decades. CustomCreteWerks, Inc. uses a proprietary N-hansedTM treatment process making our countertops easy to clean, stain-proof and heat resistant. The best part of having CustomCreteWerks concrete countertop is that they don’t require […]

Seamless Concrete Countertop

Avoiding Seams in Countertops

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Avoiding Seams in Countertops Granite, marble or quartz countertop seams are like pimples. Pimples happen, even if you’re careful. Some countertop seams, like breakouts, are worse than others, but most can be hidden or avoided with preparation. Still, when you have a countertop seam or a pimple: No one will notice it more than you. […]