Orange Ramp Sink

Ramp Sinks by CustomCreteWerks Inc.

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Ramp Sinks? Undemanding. Zen-like. Tranquil. These terms may bring to mind natural features like rolling brooks or majestic waterfalls. Wouldn’t you like guests to use these terms to describe the atmosphere of your home? Ramp sinks bring a new dimension of ease to vanity and countertop design. With sleek lines and effortless water flow options, […]

Concrete Trough Wave Sink and Counter

Trough Sinks

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Trough Sinks? Trough sinks have evolved quite a bit in their hundreds of years of existence. Inspired by farm animal food receptacles, these sinks maintain the functionality of simultaneous users. They’ve grown to be beautiful pieces of interior design, fitting for any master bathroom, gourmet kitchen or the most stylish of farms. These wonderful integral […]