Getting Ready To Have Your Template Taken?


What Templating Looks Like

Here’s some simple steps you need in order to be Template ready!
  • Try to have your current countertop removed so that we can come in and see the cabinet or base where the countertop will be installed.
  • Please make sure the area is clean and free of debris.
  • Please make sure there is enough workspace for the template technicians to work around.
  • If you will be using any wall mounted fixture or any add ons like a soap dispenser please have the length of the fixture/s available.
  • We would like to have electricity in the home or business available for use.

Getting a proper template is one of the most important steps of getting the right concrete sink. So it’s important to follow these instructions to make templating fast and precise.

  • When choosing a kitchen sink  we recommend using only using a True Undermount Sink. We DO NOT support the use of  Dual-Purpose Undermount Sinks. 

Dual Purpose Undermount SInk


True Undermount Sink


  • – the difference being the top and bottom edges of the dual purpose undermount sinks are different in size and the hole or holes on top.



Before and After Photos

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