Two-Faucet Trough Sinks

Concrete Trough Sink and Counter
Two-faucet trough sinks are a unique, attractive piece for any bathroom. The two-faucet offerings are perfect for master bathrooms offering plenty of space for two people to use simultaneously. Our sinks far surpass the “off-the-shelf” options in quality and design because they’re made with the finest concrete.

A concrete trough sink brings a sleek, modern look to your bathroom. We offer a variety of styles, shapes and colors meaning the professionals at CustomCreteWerks, Inc. can create the perfect sink for you. Our trough sinks are cast as one piece with the bathroom counter. Meaning there’s no seams that will show over time like other high-end materials. Our concrete sinks give your bathroom a sophisticated look consistently for years to come.

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Our Past Two-Faucet Trough Sinks

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